My comments on the campaign trail..... Part 1

Interesting to watch all the political parties hit the road again to ask the Ugandans to vote for them. Money is being sought by some, others are minting from supplying the campaigners as the fairly informed Ugandans are watching from a distance.... Wondering what will happen this time round. Whether they will wake up to bigger gullies in the roads, less equipment & medicine in the hospitals and rusted schools, gun shots and more.... They all pray that peace prevails for they have learned that this may be the best they can get from any of the leaders at the moment!!!

We all know the lubiri was attacked because the government had issues to sort with the kabaka of the time, the massacre in Ombaci & others were done because the government of the time had issues to sort, the “grass suffered in GULU and the greater north, in Lira & Soroti because the elephants were fighting”, The same “grass suffered in Luwero because elephants were fighting there also” to name just some memorable times. Who wants the grass to burn again, who wants to watch blood spill no no no one...

I used to sympathize with that (UPC) party but I think they have fundamental weaknesses. They are not moving with the times....1. They need to consider serious re-branding 2. They need to have a serious media office providing accurate information (in their opinion) about their ideals as well as clean the bad image that they have had over time 3. They have businesses! They should have employed experts to build a second tower and make them self sustaining also renovate the old building! 4. They should embrace the more youthful leaders in their party and stop attaching everything to history. If they cannot do this what will they do for dear Uganda? Where are their serious ideas, this is what we “aliens” want to see set the example of what you would do for Uganda.

I feel like they are thinking in slow motion - sorry to say if you are a UPC die hard. DP? Well well it seems like Chairman Mao a good man, getting into the game of dirt and mad, a leader for a future structured systems with all key players doing their part to add up to the big picture! The “aliens” would probably understand you but are we ready for you? I am not sure, sadly I do not “feel” this party as it seems to have internal wrangles as well... The historical leaders seem to sit back and add limited value to the campaigns. My thoughts wonder far and wide is there a semblance of tribal issues, religious or the Buganda verses Uganda question – well just thinking.... Chairman Mao “Who are the people suffering from superiority complex?”

FDC ? Could this be NRM in new dress/skin or could this be the ones who have missed the bread? Just thinking, is the agenda a people centric or a war of two bruised Lions? Anyway that would be over simplifying issues but FDC seems to have traits of the current leadership which is largely considered the best or is it a perception of the few who are not aware? So is the gist of the problems political or really social-economic, where does the real problem lie? Anyway to the others I wish them luck for I am still observing!

Uganda is faced with a serious challenge; the corruption eating away at the current government is not funny, the increasing divisions in tribes and religion! Then you look at fragmented opposition with each weak party head fighting for dear life well well what can I say.... As they fight to lead us we toil away with our broken roads, riddled with everything moving from one legged animals and machines to 20 legged items... the appalling level of gas’s emitions no one knows how much lead is in the air and how many other poisonous substances, no one knows how clean the water bodies are we just pray..... And we are hoping to make a living in a country where service to all has become a miracle!

They promise development in the next five years, they promise good things – we shall be developed with large lit roads and sidewalks, no dust or potholes to grant about, schools with superior architecture, libraries (including e-libraries) with an explicitly serene environment to read and learn centres of innovation everywhere! Wow up country towns with well lit streets info points for travellers and tourists, water and sewerage systems and electricity in West Nile, airports and name it we shall be bustling in an entertainment of all good things!

It is indeed turning to "For God and my Stomach" We are observers! Where is the power that we should wield? What is our role in this circus? We sit on the fence and watch as the wiser continue to use us, the unsuspecting people who have learned to be content with mediocre life, learned to give up on dreams and learn to accept the status quo. We say we are extended families, a nation of friendly and receptive people? But it seems we are more individualistic than any other race I have heard of - so will we be something, are we going to see light at the end?

I wish I was from another country sometimes - sorry this morning I am very negative - I need a hero! WE SIT UP DAY AND NIGHT AND LIKE, COMMENT AND WE HAVE ALL THE TOOLS FACEBOOK, LINKEDin, MYSPACE, TWITTER, YOU TUBE, MAILING LISTS..... etc But we are new and sophiscated we believe we are “aliens” and part of a different world so we do not demand, we do not participate, we criticise and continue watch for we are the consumers of everything good or bad, for we have no choice, we consume innovation good or bad, we consume waste, we have no opinions and we watch life pass us by for we are the curse of human kind!!!!

Is this Africa or is this just a Ugandan Situation?

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Can you provide us with some

nishant's picture

Can you provide us with some links to understand the political context? I can see the turmoil and the tensions, but I am almost unaware of any of the political parties and their legacies in Uganda. If you could just give Wikipedia links in the blog so that we understand the intricacies, I think it will help a lot of us get a clearer sense of the post. Just a thought.

I second what Nishant said. I

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I second what Nishant said. I really have no context to understand the connotations, some history or perspective would be useful.

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