Questions you cannot miss reading about GENDER and TECHNOLGY: Have your say!!

In today’s session, a new strategy called the BAR CAMP was used. It focused on five proposed topics which were: Sub-Culture & Social Change, Use of humor in political change, Gender & Technology and finally education Vs Learning.

The session on Gender and Technology was proposed by Maureen Agena and had 5 participants in total with 3 ladies and 2 men; Adam Haupt, Evelyn Namara, Manal Hassan and Muzulu Paidamoyo. It was noted that Access to technology for women is affected by Gender roles and culture plays a key role in shaping the Gender of an individual. In most African cultures/societies, the girls are groomed and prepared for marriage whereas the boys for work. This was backed up by the kind of toys that are bought for children; Girls(Dolls) and boys (Video games,). The male gender is initiated into technology at an early age.
The way girls in technology are treated at their workplace is with an attitude of doubt and incapability. Why is this so?

Some of the Questions that emearged were;

• Why are the voice of women not heard even when they transform . Why is there no documentation? Do women lack the skills to document their work?
• How are Women Socialised?
• Is it true that patriacal societies are responsible for all the gender related issues?
• Why were only four women out of the 400+ applications taken for the digital Natives My bubble, my space and my voice workshop .Who is to blame?
• When it comes to decision making, Are we still patriarchal?
• Do politicians appoint women in Government as strategies to show that they are gender sensitive? What impact do these women in postions of power have as role models to fellow women?
• Is it true that women are socialized to believe that decision making is not part of them to an extent that it becomes practically difficult for them to make decisions when they get into positions of power?
• Do men who come for men’s forum and speak about gender issues do it because they have daughters?
• Do African women suffer a problem of twice being discriminated/removed from the technology center? Are they discriminated for their Gender as Women and for being African?
• Is it true that“Girls perform better in sciences when they are in single sex schoool” why is it so?
• Does technical training for Women by Women have an impact?

We really want to know what you think about this.

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Here's my two cents

mtotowajirani's picture

Here's my two cents concerning the age at which the different gender's are oriented to technology...its not 'entirely' true.

Technology is not a specialized field. Allow me to explain: The boys had video games which were played on TV and which the girls were exposed to. And not only were they exposed to TV (whether actively or passively), but they were and continue to be exposed to other forms of technology including radio, ipods (where they hold their music), mobile phones etc.

Women learn, though passively in some cases, about technology...and their observations have played and are playing a role in shaping their beliefs and challenging the norms that existed years back.

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