Nothing about us without us.

I have spent these past few days reading blogs on the digital Natives website and the one that stuck me most was by Prabhas who was questioning the second part of the name “with a cause”
He wonders wether digital natives really have a cause. When I read this blog, I started asking myself what my exact cause is!! I got my self wondering whether using digital technology meant having a cause…

I must confess that 7 days after the Johannesburg workshop, I can’t still understand who a ‘Digital native’ is. It’s so amazing how one gets into a public gathering and every person has a digital gadget say a phone, ipod, camera…. etc which gets you wondering whether all these people have causes. I hope am not getting myself more confused.
That interaction in Jo’burg truly “opened my eyes” to look at technology differently and from a broader point of view.
I need to understand who a digital native is before it gets too late because I now believe that there is nothing about digital Natives without the digital Natives (Confusing huh?)

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I feel that there are

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I feel that there are millions of Digital natives in the world today, infact every young person with access to a digital tool is a digital native. However, not everyone of them have a (social)cause or would use the digital tools to affect social cause. Beyond the confusion, i continually tell myself, that when you use the digital tools at your disposal to bring about social change then you are a digital natives with a cause! Or, am i wrong?

Well well, Don't we strive

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Well well,

Don't we strive to understand the meaning of life all the time? Don't we wonder why some primitively accumulate wealth while others work for it genuinely! Why why why many answers so I believe Maureen you could come up with your own answer.

Every one has a cause to what ever they do, you, me, politicians, civil activists, business people and priests/pastors. So take technology too how do you apply it and for what? Is that purpose generally accepted as one that adds value to life or society? Does your use make you communicate better, or serve your people better or make more money or influence people positively..... I am sure then you will find your cause?

Have I tried.... that is my answer part 1

@ Rotimi: If its the usage

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@ Rotimi: If its the usage that determines the "cause" part why isn't the same way for the "Native" part? as in, do you think that the nativity (or denizen ship as Admire puts it) is inherent in the practice?

Maureen, I will join you in

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Maureen, I will join you in the cofusion. I am just reading Cole's paper for the Thinkathon, where she is suggesting that it is actually the cause that makes a digital native and not the other way round; that there is something inherently political in establishing relationships with technology and hence not all users of technology are digital natives. She is drawing from her own personal experience to suggest that it is in the discovery of the political (not the everyday party politics but the political as something personal) that makes us into digital natives.

I thought I'd drop in with my own quota of confusion :)

Richard, you surely need to

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Richard, you surely need to read Nishant's response if you think everyone has a cause(I hope you will not get a little confused like I did).

@Nishant, I think I agree with Cole about the 'cause' making one a digital native and not one becomimg a digital native then having a cause. Lots of people use technology just for the sake of it but without having a particular cause.
@Samuel, that is a good observation and yet a new area of confusion. "The Nativity". Anyone willing to explain?

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