Digital natives, libraries and digital preservation of information

I saw this video of the Library of Congress and I want to share with all DN community. I'm doing a blog entry about this and I will post it later, but you can help me answer the next question: DO YOU THINK THAT LIBRARIES HELP TO THE FORMATION OF DIGITAL NATIVES EVEN IF ARE YOUTH AND ADULT PEOPLE? IF SO, IN WHICH WAY?


Todays teenagers are part of the first generation to grow up immersed and fluent in the world of digital technologies. These digital natives depend on digital information for communication, education and entertainment. But todays Digital Natives may not know that digital information can easily be lost.
Teens receive mixed messages about the permanence of digital information, because it seems that anything they want can be found on the internet. But the truth is, digital information will survive only as long as someone takes care of it.
In a recent workshop at the Library of Congress, we asked a group of students for their thoughts on digital preservation. Specifically:

-What should be saved?
-Whos responsible for saving it?
-What are the challenges in saving it?

This video explores the challenges facing digital information and examines the views teenagers have about its permanence.

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