Is leadership a vacuum in a bubble? Who want leadership without power and who want to be a dialoguing leader? In the African context leaders are people who yield a lot of power and their decisions are final .This is a trend that has entrenched itself and in past decades it has brought a lot of conflicts and many of the African countries are at war or are healing the wounds. The majority of the people who get affected are the children and youth while the leaders who cause the conflicts retreat to their cocoons and comfortably use their positions to enrich themselves and their peers while the youths are left jobless and with no livelihoods. It is no wonder the youth has become the easy targets for manipulation from politicians for their self-interests, this boils down for us to interrogate ourselves of what kind of leadership we want and what choices we make. This is clear from the past that the leaders we have been choosing are leaders who are hungry for power and they use it negatively to influence and scuttle the people’s rights. While leadership is a calling it can also be self-made and the youth should come out strongly from their local areas and vie for leadership positions to influence the public policy for their own advantage. Waiting to be directed, waiting for the ’ traffic lights’ is a setback for the common people who are recipient of bad leadership and they need to know a leader can be within their peers who have a common interest and perspectives .
It may sound out of order to say leadership is bullsh*t in its form as it have different tentacles that men and women use to shield away from their real motives and intentions as they scramble for power and confuse their subjects. The BIG question is for how long the citizens will keep subdued and confused by leadership and power?.

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