What is the project about?

"Digital Natives with a Cause?" is an international, collaborative research project which aims to increase the current understanding of Digital Natives (there is not one single definition, that’s why we’re doing this project! – but it could be understood as people who interact naturally with digital technologies) and their role in their particular societies. -

What are the objectives of the project?

"Digital Natives with a Cause?" aims to incorporate a first-person narrative of the use of technology by youth for social change into the ongoing dialogue. To do this, several narratives of varying cultural backgrounds and diverse methodologies will be compiled into a book. The case studies will begin to be compiled from workshops conducted across the developing world and via the online forum in this website.

In August 2010 the Asian workshop took place in Taipei, Taiwan. In November, 2010 the second workshop will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa. Next spring the South American workshop will take place in Chile.

"Digital Natives with a Cause?" also aims to involve the participants into a broad network of Digital Natives from around the world, with similar methodology and approach. Through this network, Digital Natives will be able to express concerns, share resources, stay connected with peers and learn from each other.

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