I am an Activist for Social Change

Late 90’s required me to identify my self and choose priorities in life. Growing up as an elder in a family is no foul play but time to focus and make choose that will determine your future. I grew up in the family of 3 being the elder amongst 2 sisters. In 2002, I finished my Grade 12 (standard 10) in Bulunko High School in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. My family suggested that I join the world of work, as it the decision or belief by many Nguni families in South Africa. By this time I had directed my energy to be an activist for social change.

I want to return to my country, simply because I WANT to

This story is of a young Egyptian woman 27 years of age, who found herself trapped in a strange country and not able to return to her own.

This young woman traveled with her family to live in Saudi Arabia since she was a baby, but growing up she hated her life there and yearned to go back to Egypt. Unfortunately that was not an idea that her parents liked. Her father took her passport and her residency documents, to make sure she remains imprisoned where he chose.

No tear, but congratulation

It is that time were the Digital Natives have to part ways, but wait the Digital Natives will never part ways because we have tools to change the world. I dont think we should be sharing a tear but we should be congratulatory to wards each other for meeting in such a space to discuss the world and the future of young people.

Digital Native are here to stay, Digital natives to change.


Empowerment as a process-

Many at times we discover our dreams in times of crisis. It is in the middle of nowhere that you realise a prodding from within pushing you towards the edge. Those who have survived tipping over the precipice can easily define their dreams. The design of how to accomplish our dreams at times is mired in all sorts of confusion. Even the destiny is often a far away dream existing in our minds and embraced by faith. Necessity becomes the bedrock upon which social discovery is experienced.

Creating Awareness

As part of our break out sessions yesterday we looked at matters concerning awareness.
How do you start an awareness campaign and successfully execute it, or where does it normally go wrong?
What are the different strategies that one can take to carry out an awareness campaign, both digital and non digital...

We had a whole lot of different perspectives derived from our personal stories that we relate to in our places... in terms of how we have seen awareness campaigns being carried out.

Reconciling formal school & technology trends - The Dilemma!

Today we had yet another discussion that got me thinking far, hard and wide!! How do we reconcile the vast knowledge with the skills gained through applying this knowledge in our day to day lives? How do we make the world aware that these are vital survival skills and need accreditation and standardization? How do we deal with a world where many are on the fast lane and as many are living in the dark and using traditional methods, processes and ways to lead their lives! The questions just only increase....

Changing perceptions one step...

While working at one of the University Library in my Senior six vacation, I discovered my cause that would later be my passion - Computers. Having been introduced to my first Computer at 17 yrs at this University's library, I just found myself desiring to know more.

I got my first email address then, and started using the PC to type out different documents, and basically explore more. This gave me an idea of what I wanted to do in my life.

Boardroom decisions

The journey to the new constitution saw us doing more that we could handle and it was also against the timelines thus we used a face value civic education. we picked the contentious issues and debated on them with the youth. Our engagement with them made us feel we needed to up the civic education and after the referendum and a YES win (People’s endorsement).

Nonkululeko Godana

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