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My comments on the campaign trail..... Part 2

This time as I write my part two comment on the campaign trail, I feel happy and excited that my readers are increasing and they actually find these articles interesting.... Let's go! This time I want to focus on corruption in the face of leadership, the voter and civic education as well as the role of the citizen.

What do you think?

The issue of Genetically Modified Foods is becoming more and more of a concern to Ugandans, especially knowing that these seeds will actually be owned by the companies developing them in addition to other fears about GMO's

what are your thoughts?


My comments on the campaign trail..... Part 1

Interesting to watch all the political parties hit the road again to ask the Ugandans to vote for them. Money is being sought by some, others are minting from supplying the campaigners as the fairly informed Ugandans are watching from a distance.... Wondering what will happen this time round. Whether they will wake up to bigger gullies in the roads, less equipment & medicine in the hospitals and rusted schools, gun shots and more.... They all pray that peace prevails for they have learned that this may be the best they can get from any of the leaders at the moment!!!

Reconciling formal school & technology trends - The Dilemma!

Today we had yet another discussion that got me thinking far, hard and wide!! How do we reconcile the vast knowledge with the skills gained through applying this knowledge in our day to day lives? How do we make the world aware that these are vital survival skills and need accreditation and standardization? How do we deal with a world where many are on the fast lane and as many are living in the dark and using traditional methods, processes and ways to lead their lives! The questions just only increase....

The Train is moving.......

My Bubble, My Space, My Voice???? “Save yourself - use Social Media!”

A new era has come, a dawn of a new beginning where a new world forms into reality and some still lag behind hoping that things will not change – that the status quo will prevail! Imagine a world where the computer or mobile tool guides the visionary, a world where the “digital natives” make decisions. Well stop dreaming change has come and the best we can do is to embrace it!!

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