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Separate the word ICT and see the difference- [I.C.T]

Have you ever been keen and attentively listened to discussions on the role of ICTs for development in a number of thematic areas say…..Agiculture, health, Education etc? If yes, have you noticed that many people focus most on the “T” aspect? How about the “I” and the “C”?

In this case, does it mean that when I have the TECHNOLOGY/TOOL(T) I have the INFORMATION(I) and therefore the ability to COMMUNICATE (C)? What do the digital natives think?

Tips of how to conduct a good interview.

This may be very relevant for some ‘digital natives’. Feel free to add more tips that I might have left out.

1. It must be conducted in the element.
Meaning that the interview should be conducted in a conducive environment. Both the interviewer and interviewee must be comfortable with the surrounding environment.

2. Treat the interview as a conversation
This helps in making the respondent comfortable as well as giving them room for easy expression as opposed to making them feel like they are being interrogated. In this way, one is sure of getting detailed responses.

Nothing about us without us.

I have spent these past few days reading blogs on the digital Natives website and the one that stuck me most was by Prabhas who was questioning the second part of the name “with a cause”
He wonders wether digital natives really have a cause. When I read this blog, I started asking myself what my exact cause is!! I got my self wondering whether using digital technology meant having a cause…

Technology, Gender and Violence!! Break the silence now!.

As I anxiously wait to join the rest of the world in marking the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence(GBV) from 25 November 2010 to 10 December 2010 whose regional theme is "Engaging Faith-based Communities to Prevent Violence against Women" focusing on how our faiths and faith-based communities can (and should!) get involved in preventing violence against women, I can’t help think of the millions of mothers, sisters, Aunties and nieces who have been violated yet still remain helpless and silent despite the growing opportunities and improved technology which can help them break th

Is voting for the youth in Uganda?

“You want another rap? Yes Sevo……!!!”
As I write this, I can’t stop thinking about President Museveni’s now famous rap “Mpa Enkoni……[Translated as Give me a walking stick…..]” whose lyrics I hardly understand. But since Music is a universal Language, one does not have to understand the words to enjoy the song otherwise musicians like Lil Wyne, 50 Cent and Sean Paul would no longer be in the music industry.

Questions you cannot miss reading about GENDER and TECHNOLGY: Have your say!!

In today’s session, a new strategy called the BAR CAMP was used. It focused on five proposed topics which were: Sub-Culture & Social Change, Use of humor in political change, Gender & Technology and finally education Vs Learning.

And who said that Gender does not matter in social Change?

“We are tired of hearing about Gender, What’s wrong with you Women?”
These are some of the words that many people echo when you mention GENDER. As if gender means WOMEN!!

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