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From Frustration to Action


Informate user says: “Hello I would like to know how I can get a National Identity Card for someone who is 16, her mother passed away and her father does not live with her family, she doesn’t even know where her father went, and she needs a National ID card in order to continue with her studies and be somebody. She has a sister who is 19 and already has an ID card. What does she need to do?”

Raising Awareness: meaning and method

What does "Raising Awareness" mean?

-Making people notice things
-Making people happier by making them notice things and thus making them commit to something
-Planting an idea in people's heads and leading them to an "awakening"
-Making people understand that they need to stand up for something
-Sharing passion: showing people why you're passionate about something and why you think they should be passionate too


Yesterday, a group of us (Julio, Karl, Samuel, Alfonso, Kara and I) gathered to discuss the three questions Juan Manuel presented us to reflect upon. While we were being filmed by Karl's computer (he will be sharing this video with all of you soon!) we started brainstorming about what was our motivation, what is incidence, and what must we know in order to generate incidence.

Accessibility's partners in crime

The word that best represents what I do is "Accessibility". Why? Because in my opinion, accessibility is one of the biggest challenges now in my country, Paraguay. Not only is internet accessibility still a main issue (although it is rapidly expanding), but access to information in general is difficult. As a Paraguayan, in order to obtain government-owned information, which is mine as a citizen and a taxpayer, I have to go through a true obstacle course to get it.

So in this last activity, I got the chance to find which words are "accessibility's" partners in crime :)

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