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I believe that we have the right to hack.

Hackers? sounds like a bad term nowadays thanks to hollywood movies and the computer criminal myth, in general culture hackers are people who can get into your computer, steal information, get your bank acounts put you viruses and more evil stuff. 

Digital Natives Santiago in a single post!

What a week we all just had here in Santiago. For me this was one of the most enriching experiences of my whole life, I learned a lot and shared experiences with people from almost all latin america and the caribean, everyone of them have a different story to tell and something to give to us as I also have my own personal story as a digital native too.

What motivates us?

Sharing <=> Common <=> Knowledge <=> Freedom

Hi digital natives of the world! This is Adolfo reporting from Biblioteca de Santiago in Chile. We are on the "From face to interface" digital natives workshop, first one in Latin America and we just conclued the first activity, it was a word matching exercise, I picked 'Sharing' and I got the change to talk to other people with different words but a lot in common at the end.

First I talked with Francisco from Chile about "common" in terms of property, knowledge and how technologies bring a new form of society built around common not on private property.

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