Corporate Affairs

by Parmesh Shahani

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I’m Articulating My Hot Skills, but are You Listening?

by Kerry McKay


Mirror Exercises

by Leandra (Cole) Flor

You would think, this story is so superficial, there’s more to a digital native than meets the WiFi-eye. But if you think about it, since the rise of the machines some decades ago, can you actually recall one day of your life that you didn’t switch something on?



In the 21st Century, we have witnessed the simultaneous growth of internet and digital technologies on the one hand, and political protests and mobilisation on the other. Processes of interpersonal relationships, social communication, economic expansion, political protocols and governmental mediation are undergoing a significant transition, across in the world, in developed and emerging Information and Knowledge societies.

Engineering A Cyber Twin

by Nilofar Ansher

Fused in India

ai=love/airtificial intelligence

"I have a love-hate relationship with my computer"

I dont really hate it. I love it.


But sometimes it might catch a virus and those times I feel like pulling out all my hair! ..... love=me wanting to pull out my hair kind of feeling?.....


Then the virus problem is fixed. I have a "wanting to say sorry and make up" with the computer kind of a feeling.


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I pause

I'm just a dreamer

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