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The right to be many

One of the fundamental units of any right based discourse, is the individual. The universe of rights revolves around the unquestioned idea of how each one of us is a single person. Sure we are allowed to have different personalities (if you have too many of them, you are also allowed to be commited in an asylum) and we are allowed to have different identities (Sexual, Religious, Political etc.). However, the person, the individual, the citizen, remains a singular, corporeal body that can be identified as the unit that can be punished, and hence, also be protected.


5 Commandments for the Santiago Workshop

We have now been around the world, talking to Digital Natives in three continents. It was only yesterday, when we ere sitting at the Patio Bellavista, sipping on drinks that shall not be named, that we realised, that with this workshop we literally have stretched ourselves from one end of the world to the other.

Knowing Knowledge: pairing concepts

Knowledge and...

I decided to open with Knowledge, because both, personally as well as in my role as a researcher for the Digital Natives with a Cause? Programme, I occupy a position that is about Knowledge. Sometimes it is about being the bearer of knowledge, at others it is about being the producer of knowledge, at others it is about being the connecting hub of different knowledges and at yet others, it is about being the translator of one kind of knowledge into another, often in different languages but most regularly, in different vocabularies.

5 Commandments for the Taipei Workshop

I take the opportunity of being infused with the spirits and rhythms of this city to begin a count-down to our workshop. In this very first of the five emails that you will receive, I present to you the 5 commandments (I wanted to write 10, but then realised that I should not subject you to so much of me) that will hopefully inform your participation in the workshop.

Thou Shalt Have Fun

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