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Wikileaks saga: My Two Cents

Over the last 10days, my Facebook wall had several posts regarding to developments on the mighty Wikileaks. Just in case you haven't been reading news, I am talking about the organization that describes itself as a "not-for-profit media organization" that has made headlines in the recent weeks for publishing secret diplomatic documents.

It is very interesting to read different opinions Wikileaks, especially from the point of view of what could have happened if we had a Wikileaks in 2001.

'Organizational Politics': the reason many quit!

The first serious lesson I learnt in my first year at MUBS was that success in any organization mostly depends on how easily one understands and can deal with the politics within that organization.
For those who have just joined us, MUBS is an alias for Makerere University Business School. It is believed to be the best higher learning institution for Business courses in East Africa.

Young People’s Perspectives on Youth (Un)Employment

It's been a while since I last posted here. But I there is no way of summarizing the events of the last two weeks in one paragraph. So I'll just say this: am glad to be back!

Yesterday I had a practical recap of the Johannesburg experience at the Symposium I attended here in Kampala. The one-day event, under the theme, Silent Voices, Salient Voices” was organized by Human Capital Development Consult (HCDC), in collaboration with the Institute of Youth Employment Studies (iYES) - and supported by Hivos.

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